Ius est ars boni et aequi.

Law is the art of good and fair.


Law office

The Law Office was established in 2015 by attorney at low Agnieszka Gruba. She was entered on the list of the Pomeranian Chamber of Attorneys in Gdańsk after completing a legal apprenticeship in the years 2012-2014. In 2011 she graduated from the general bar training at the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution in Kraków. She gained professional experience working and practicing in Tricity’s law firms, courts and prosecution offices.

The Law Office provides complete and professional legal services, assuring attorney-client privilege and compliance with lawyer ethics. From 2012 attorney at low Agnieszka Gruba is connected with Misiewicz, Mosek and Partners Law Office in Gdańsk. Thanks to cooperation with specialised solicitors and attorneys, Agnieszka Gruba’s Law Office guarantees versatile and reliable legal assistance not only for individuals, but also for economic entities expecting comprehensive legal support. One of the Law Office’s main advantages is an individual approach to each client, both in terms of content and financing.

The head office is located in the centre of Gdańsk, 12/2 Stągiewna Street, in a town house under the name Under the Golden Pelican.

Scope of practice

The Law Office deals with comprehensive legal support providing legal assistance to individuals and economic entities.

The scope of practice covered by the Law Office are primarily:

  • civil cases, including in particular: economic cases, debt recovery, claim compensation (including communication and medical malpractice compensation), competition and consumer protection, family, inheritance, employment, copyright and related rights cases,
  • criminal cases, including penal fiscal cases and offences,
  • registration and estate register cases, including in particular: preparation and analysis of contracts and applications, establishment and registration of new companies,
  • administrative cases,
  • cases from the scope of the public procurement law,
  • enforcement cases.

Legal assistance includes:

  • providing legal advice,
  • preparing opinions and documents, i.e. legal opinions, summons, applications and other pleadings,
  • Client representation before courts, public prosecutors, government authorities and local government authorities and other institutions, entities and persons,
  • debt recovery,
  • conducting business and settlement negotiations.


The Law Office uses a flexible, Client-tailored billing system for the provided legal assistance, taking into account the Client’s needs and expectations. The rates are determined individually with each Client, before submitting any case to the Law Office. The rates depend mainly on: the anticipated workload, the degree of complexity of each individual case, its value and the subject, as well as the date and place of performance.

The Law Office proposes three possible billing systems:

  • hourly rate - agreed rate per hour of work,
  • lump-sum fee - fixed amount for the agreed range of activities or stage of proceedings,
  • a lump-sum with a limit of hours – fixed amount for an agreed number of hours in a given period, beyond which a previously agreed hourly rate is applied.

All the indicated billing systems may be modified individually, based on a reward system agreed upon with the Client (a success fee), which comprises increasing the basic/minimum salary by an additional fee for the agreed outcome of the case.


adw. Agnieszka Gruba
Kancelaria Adwokacka
ul. Stągiewna 12/2
80-750 Gdańsk

tel. 504 217 013


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Agnieszka Gruba
Kancelaria adwokacka

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